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Welcome to The following terms and conditions (from now on called “Terms of Service” should be followed by any visitor or member for as long as he / she uses (from now on called the “Site”)

All users and members should read the Terms of Service before they start using the Site and follow them throughout the use of the site. By using the site, registering your account (free or paid), you agree to the Terms of Service and to our Privacy Policy, which can be found here. If you do not want to follow the Terms of Service you should not use the Site.

The Site is available and can be used by any user from any country at the age of 18 or older. If you are below the age of 18 you should not use the Site. By using the Site, you warrant that you are of the legal age and that you meet all the requirements stated below. If you do not meet all the eligibility requirements below you should not use the Site.

Terms of Service:

  • The use of the Site is free for all visitors. Registered members enjoy benefits.
  • Registration is free of charge
  • Registered members have the option to upgrade to a paid membership, using one of the plans offered in our membership section here
  • Registered members (paid and free) can fill their personal and company profiles using the appropriate forms. Members are given the option to show or hide their information to the public
  • Only paid members can see the full information, including contact information of other members (paid and free)
  • All users should upload and place content that is not abusive, adult, Illegal, copyright protected, spam, improper or by any other means term – violating. The Site holds the right to edit or delete any content that appears to be improper of being published


  • Every entrepreneur who registers for his account (free or paid) can fill his personal and company information. This includes his/her experience, his/her expertise, location, skills and also the full information of his startup(s), including the name and url of his/her startup(s), its social media profiles etc. Paid members can also upload their promotional video
  • Entrepreneurs may showcase their business and their personal profile and seek for funding, mentoring or local sponsorship
  • Registered Entrepreneurs can be contacted by other members (entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and local sponsors) but only paid members can initiate contact with other members (free or paid)


  • Every investor/mentor/local sponsor who registers for his/her account (free or paid) can fill his/her personal information and also the information about the company he/she wants to invest in or mentor. This includes his skills, portfolio of past investments, location, amount available for investment etc.
  • Investors can showcase their profiles and draw interest from other investors/mentors/local sponsors but also from entrepreneurs
  • Paid members can initiate contact with any other member (free or paid)


  • All registered members (free and paid) benefit from the Site’s matching system
  • Our matching system uses a wide range of criteria to match each entrepreneur to the most suitable investor/mentor/local sponsor
  • Only paid members have full access to the matching results. Free members have limited access to matches up to 30%

Featured Entrepreneur / Featured Investor:

  • The Site offers the option both to Investors and Entrepreneurs to be “Featured” for an additional fee (see our pricing here)
  • A “featured” entrepreneur / investor will have his profile shown on the Site’s homepage for 30 days thus increasing his/her exposure to the visitors and his chances to get contacted


  • All registered users (free or paid ones) have the ability to freely communicate to each other.
  • Users may exchange their contact details, personal or business or any other information they wish to exchange
  • All contacts should be done with attention
  • We encourage every member who suspects violation of our terms, fraud or inappropriate behavior from another member to report it to us through our Customer Support
  • The Site won’t control communications done between members and does not have any responsibility of any form for any damage of any form a member might have as a result of a communication or other activity within the Site.
  • All payments for the Site’s services (memberships, featured entrepreneur/investor etc) can be done via PayPal, which is the only accepted means of payments
  • The Site will never ask you for your bank account, credit card, email credentials or any other personal information other the ones you are presented with during the registration forms and the “edit profile” sections
  • You have full responsibility for the information you provide by any means and you agree that the Site has no responsibility for the any personal, business or other information you provide to any user who contacts you.


General Terms:

  • Violation of the Terms of Service may result in your account getting suspended or permanently blocked
  • Distinction International may change its Terms of Service at any time. When changes made, Distinction International will make a copy of the new Terms of Service on this page
  • You agree that if you use the Site after the date on which the Terms of Service, Distinction International will treat you as you have fully understood and comply with the updated Terms of Service
  • Distinction International holds the right to place any account on hold, permanently suspend permanently or temporarily disable accounts, due to breach (or the suspicion of breach) of the Terms of Service, illegal or inappropriate behavior. Suspended or disabled accounts may not be able to use some (or all) of the Site’s features.
  • Refunds for any transactions related to the service of the website are eligible up to 7 days after the payment clearance
  • You agree that all content you upload as a user is copyright free and can be used by any means by the Site and its users.
  • Unless you choose for your information to not be shown publicly, you agree that the content and information you have can be presented to the public and by any means the Site assumes it is best
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